Antelope Railroads Racing Cyclist In Wild Video From South Africa

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Imagine this…

You decide to get into cycling. Figured it’s a good way to get out of the house, enjoy the great outdoors and get some exercise. Hey, maybe the old lady will be impressed by the few pounds you drop and the new muscles in your legs.

Pretty much an all-around win-win.

Well, as you got into it, turns out you’re pretty good and decide to compete in a race in South Africa. You’ve always wanted to visit, this is as good of a reason as any, so you pull the trigger and do it.

You make the trip, get to the race and take off. Things are going smoothly, you’re making good time, energy levels are high, you think you may even set a PR.

Then out of nowhere, BOOM…

You get railroaded by a freaking huge antelope.

Somehow, this exact thing (okay, the backstory was made up) happened to a poor guy a few years back.

During a race in Albert Falls Dam, South Africa, a poor 17-year-old rider named Evan van der Spuy was singled out by an antelope and quite honestly got destroyed, flat out picked off and dominated by a quite large antelope. At the time he was in second place and cruising at top speed.

The impact knocked him unconscious while the buck scampered off.

There are tons of different species of antelope in South Africa, but male antelope in South Africa typically weigh around 500 pounds, so this was no small creature that decided to put a hurting on this poor soul. Even Ray Lewis would be impressed by the power this thing generated.

It appears to be a Red Hartebeest but hard to tell from the video…

Fortunately, Evan was okay, left with just a minor concussion, whiplash, and a heck of a story.

In the days following the crash, the video went viral on Twitter and he was given the nickname “Buck Norris” which is absolutely hilarious. I’d love to drink a beer with ole Buck Norris.

Keep your head on a swivel out there, folks.

You never know what’s coming after you…

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