Faith Hill & Tim McGraw Get Emotional Hearing Kevin Costner Discuss John Dutton’s Late Wife

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Who’s cutting onions?

Throughout the interviews I have seen amongst characters of both Yellowstone and 1883, it’s easy to see that the roles the actors play leave a deep mark on them, almost as if a part of them belongs to their character.

We’ve seen this time and time again, from Kevin Costner, to Tim McGraw, to Faith Hill, to Kelly Reilly, and so many others.

Costner, McGraw, and Hill recently sat down for an interview with Deadline to discuss the connections between Yellowstone and 1883, and how their character has impacted each and every one of them.

With that being said, perhaps the most intriguing part of the whole interview is when Kevin Costner discusses being a dad on Yellowstone, and how at the end of the day, he believes things would’ve been much different on the ranch if John Dutton’s wife never died when Beth, Kayce, and Jamie were young.

He explains:

“You know our dads never think that we move fast enough, that we work long enough or we do these things, but the facts of the script are, you know, 40 years ago when you were raised on the farm you stayed on the farm.

And for five generations people knew what their job was gonna be.

You know, my children could look at the television and see Paris, that’s where Beth wants to go. And the end, the land will probably be more important to Beth than any of them… the different generations they behave differently, but my character went to Vietnam.

And I’m not Dorothy from Kansas, but there’s no place like home. That place marks him.

He knows its smells, I wrote a song about my wife that I’ve never had a scene with, but I can play it and it kind of informs me where I need to be when I listen to it. It’s not any different than any other man that understands a love of his life, and I do know this… I do know things would be different on my ranch if my wife (on the show) was alive.

I know that she would know how to handle our children in a way that wouldn’t change the spirit of who they are, but she would’ve been able to do the things that I can’t, or don’t know how.”

Once Costner brings up the part about John’s wife dying, and how things would’ve been different if she wouldn’t have passed on, you can see the emotion on Faith Hill’s face, as she begins to shed tears.

Faith Hill responds:

“You just made me cry, stop.”

And you can even see Tim getting a little misty-eyed.

Remember, this is essentially a character that isn’t even in the show and we don’t even know all that much about her backstory.

That’s just further proof how invested these actors are in perfecting their craft, and becoming a part of their character.

Yellowstone Season 5 is set to premiere this fall, November 13th, on Paramount Network.

The cast also recently sat for an in-depth conversation on what fans can expect in Season 5, how far the show has come, getting new fans since the show’s premiere, and more.

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