Morgan Wade Takes Us Behind The Scenes Of Her Grand Ole Opry Debut: “Something I Never Thought I Would Do”

I have a feeling we’re going to see Morgan Wade on the Grand Ole Opry stage for a long time to come.

But before Morgan becomes an Opry mainstay with her incredible songwriting and unique, gritty voice, she had to get her debut performance out of the way.

And last month she did just that.

Morgan stepped into the circle on April 2 to make her Opry debut, performing her hit single “Wilder Days,” along with “Matches & Metaphors” and “Take Me Away,” two other songs from her incredible debut album Reckless.

And the Opry recently released a behind the scenes video of the special night, with Morgan discussing how much it meant to be able to step out into that circle where so many legends have stood:

“Having my Opry debut is a huge deal for me being in country music. My career is just really getting started so to already be here and to be doing something that I never thought I would do, and stepping on a stage where so many legends have stood, is really heartfelt.”

According to Morgan’s mother, Robin Fonville, who was there to watch her daughter make her Opry debut, Morgan’s always been a fan of music and writing songs – but she wasn’t always a fan of sharing her music with others:

“She’s always loved Dolly Parton and Johnny Cash, and Elvis Presley was her number one. And she would write songs but she never would share. She would keep them hidden.”

And Morgan said there’s a reason she was initially nervous to share her talent with the world:

“I was told my voice was weird when I was younger, and you know, you’re young, you’re impressionable so you take that stuff to heart. But when you’re talking to yourself or you’re singing for yourself you can say whatever you want to say because you’re the only one that’s gonna hear it.

That’s how I went on to write ‘Reckless,’ I just wrote the only way I know how, I just say what I wanna say.”

Well luckily Morgan was able to get past all the naysayers and ended up dropping one of the absolute best albums of 2021, an album that I’ve still got on repeat a year later and doesn’t have a single bad song on the whole damn thing.

So after the album took off and earned her a well-deserved spot on the Opry stage, Morgan was ready to just enjoy her moment in the circle:

“It’s just such an experience. I’ve talked to several people that have played the Opry before and they’re like, you know, just walking out there and standing in that circle is a really big deal. I’m just excited to soak it all in.”

Well Morgan got a well-deserved standing ovation after her debut performance, and now that she’s a seasoned veteran she’s already ready to make her return, announcing that she’ll be performing at the Opry again on June 7.

If we’re lucky, we’ll be seeing Morgan Wade on the Opry stage for a long time to come, because she’s exactly the kind of artist that country music needs right now.

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