Kyle Busch Makes 85-Year Old Fan’s Bucket List Wish Come True With An Invitation To Her First Ever NASCAR Race

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Ok, maybe Kyle Busch isn’t quite as bad as everybody makes him out to be.

Sure, the NASCAR Cup Series star has got a short fuse, and his blunt and outspoken nature has been known to rub people the wrong way at times.

But he just helped one 85-year old fan cross a big goal off of her bucket list.

It all started when Kim Wherley posted on Facebook to try to get an autograph from Kyle for her mother at an upcoming race. According to Kim, “GiGi” is a huge NASCAR fan. Even her grandkids know that they won’t get to watch cartoons on Sunday afternoons, because that’s when the NASCAR race is on.

Kim had gotten GiGi tickets to the Mother’s Day race at Darlington in 2020, but of course the race ended up having to be run without fans in the stands due to COVID.

So Gigi’s still never been able to see a race in person.

She’s also been facing some health issues, having been diagnosed with a rare blood cancer and also recovering from a total shoulder replacement.

But Kim says that going to a NASCAR race is the only thing left on GiGi’s bucket list, and she wanted to make it happen. So Kim planned on getting her mother tickets to the race at Richmond Raceway this August, and asked for help finding a way to get an autograph from Kyle while GiGi was at the track.

Well through the power of social media, Kim’s post made it to Kyle, who asked for help tracking the daughter down so they could get Gigi to the race:

And when Kyle was finally able to connect with Kim and GiGi, he hooked them up with something a lot better than just an autograph.

Not only is GiGi going to get to go to the race at Richmond, but Kyle and Toyota hooked her up with a suite, pit passes, and she’s even going to get to meet her favorite driver before the race.

Kyle shared the video of himself breaking the news to GiGi, and you might want to get the Kleenex handy for this one:

So it looks like GiGi’s pretty excited about her Mother’s Day gift this year, and Kim’s clearly in the running for Daughter of the Year.

And that Kyle Busch? Maybe he ain’t so bad after all.

I mean, even Chase Elliott’s hometown bar is a Kyle Busch fan now after this one.


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