Big Mountain Lion Goes Head To Head With A Mule Deer In Heavyweight Fight To The Death


An elusive animal known for its raw power and amazing hunting skills, mountain lions are pretty badass.

That being said, you sure as hell don’t want to run into one on the trail.

As the old saying goes, if you see a mountain lion, it’s already too late.

Here’s why.

It’s an old video, but it’s not like anything else I’ve seen. It captures everything about these animals hunting abilities. Simply amazing and absolutely terrifying. And just think that they could take out a person way quicker than this.

This big New Mexico cat running towards a rather large mule deer and jumping onto its neck as the deer tries to run away. Immediately the cat latches onto the deer, sinking in both its fangs and its claws.

The commentator estimates the muley at 265-pouunds and the mountain lion at 150-pounds. Neither are small animals, nor or small for their species. This is going to be a wild, heavyweight battle.

The commentator explains how they try to take out their prey.

“You notice he has got him by the neck, typically lions will try to break a mule deer’s neck. But this buck is in the rut and he just has too much of a thick neck there and he can’t get the job done.

He gets him down. Once that buck gets down like this a cougar can choke him. That’s what he’s trying to do right here is actually choke that mule deer, cut off its air and suffocate him”

This lion has got a fight plan better than any UFC fighter. The commentator might as well be Joe Rogan with this muley getting tossed around and choked out.

The mule deer doesn’t stop fighting either though. It continues to kick and kick the relentless cat.

Eventually the cougar flips around and the camera view is on its face biting. It is what nightmares are made off. A face of a killer with a one-track mind. This thing will not be stopping until it gets what it wants.

The mountain lion continues to wrestle the deer down. After a bit of struggling it changes up its hold and begins to bite the deer’s nose. It bites for a while and the deer finally struggles back up.

The cougar is too good and immediately brings the buck back down. It leaps on top as the buck rolls over.

This thing is really a trained professional… dinner is served.

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