Two Louisiana Teens Become First All-Girls Team To Win State Fishing Championship

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Ya gotta love to see it.

According to Southern Living, two teenage girls won their state fishing championship in March. The girls will continue on in competition this summer at Nationals.

Yup, the first all-girl team to head to Natty’s from Louisiana.

Not only were these gals the first out of Louisiana, Alexis Virgillito and Taylor Bacot of the Parkway High School fishing team are the first all-girls team to win a high school fishing state championship in the entire country.

The best part about this is how they’re figuring it out at such a young age having success. Hopefully they’re the next big thing in fishing and everyone knows their names.

There’s lots of evidence pointing to girls being better hunters and fisherman. I personally have witnessed it on multiple occasions when my girlfriend shows me up with deer and bass. So we might have to watch out from the women coming after records but who doesn’t love a little more healthy competition.

Alexis and Taylor went on a heater through the month of March allowing them win the state setting multiple records along the way. This didn’t come without the typical fishing dry spell though.

Alexis’s father, Brad explained it all to Southern Living.

“They zeroed at Toledo Bend, which is the very first tournament of the year. We set a goal for Caddo, for the state championship, to just bring a fish across the scales and not zero.”

After setting the goal of catching a single keeper, the girls absolutely smashed that within 30 minutes of the first cast. They had 5 keepers in that time span allowing them to search for bigger ones all day long.

“I told them, ‘If y’all don’ win today, I don’t know when y’all are going to win. But y’all did something that most grown men will never accomplish in a tournament in their life.

The girls’ goal every tournament is just don’t zero.

 But we always tell the girls, ‘A lot of people might beat your records, but there’s no one that’s going to take away the title of being the first to ever do it’.”

Clearly, they are still humble through their success, with the fundamental understanding of it being fishing and not catching. Their goal of just not zeroing is literally every fisherman ever. Let’s just have a day where we catch something.

Here’s to hoping the girls smash Nationals and we hear some more about them!

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