Matthew McConaughey Makes “Team Earth” Debut In New Salesforce Super Bowl & Olympics Commercial

Matthew McConaughey

It’s official folks, Matthew McConaughey, Mr. Alright Alright Alright himself, is heading to space.

Okay, not actually, but technically…

The famed actor has been tabbed by Salesforce for a commercial that made its debut during the Winter Olympics, and will be featured during the Super Bowl, according to AdAge.

The commercial features McConaughey as an astronaut, taking it all in as he checks out his new home in space, before realizing that Earth is his true home.

The “Metaverse,” the billionaire space race, life on Mars… fuck that. Everything we could want and need is right here on Earth, we just have to take care of it.

The commercial is a part of Salesforce’s “Team Earth” campaign, and Salesforce CMO Sarah Franklin says we need to continue to take care of the planet, even with the “hype around going to the metaverse, Mars, space.”

“We can’t leave behind our most precious things.”

The ad officially dropped during the Olympics opening ceremony, with Salesforce being a sponsor of Team USA.

Both the Olympics and Super Bowl are set to air on NBC.

The campaign was put together by the company’s in-house team, along with McConaughey, with Dante Ariola directing the spot via MJZ, and production and post from The Mill, Final Cut Edit and Lime.

Franklin said the campaign is a great opportunity to show the people:

“What is our heart, where are our values are– what are we going to stand for.”

This is the beginning of Salesforce’s partnership with McConaughey, who is serving as the newest brand advisor. Salesforce is also committing $495 million to charities and schools, with other donations to racial equity and the environment.

Franklin says the donations are selected by the employees:

“Every employee at Salesforce gets to choose how they donate their time, or money.”

Thoughtful, engaging, a slap on the face to these dorks buying multi-million dollar real estate in the Metaverse… you gotta love it.

Matthew McConaughey also took to Twitter to share his additional thought on the ad.

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