“Mattress Mack” Bets $4.5 Million For The Bengals To Win The Super Bowl

Jim McIngvale

For those who are familiar with sports betting, we all know and love ol’ Mattress Mack.

For those who aren’t too familiar, Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale is a multi-millionaire furniture store owner from Texas, who is known for placing outrageous bets on sporting events as part of a promotional giveaway for his store, Gallery Furniture.

The man won a staggering $3.46 million on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after they defeated the Kansas City Chiefs last year in the Super Bowl, and lost $2.7 million after betting the Alabama Crimson Tide to win the National Championship this year.

And now, the man is back at it again…

But this time, he’s breaking records.

According to CHRON, Mattress Mack bet a mind boggling $4.5 million on the Cincinnati Bengals to beat the Los Angeles Rams in this year’s Super Bowl, making it the largest mobile bet of all-time.

With sports betting being illegal in Texas, he had to drive to Louisiana to place the bets through Caesar’s Sportsbook.

Of course, you can’t put a single $4.5 million bet online, so he had to place several $20,000 bets.

If Mattress Mack wins the money, and a customer purchases a mattress from his store at a cost of $3,000 or more, the mattress will be free.

Caesar’s Sportsbook released a statement about the wild bet:

“At Caesars Sportsbook we love taking epic wagers on massive events like the Super Bowl.

The Joe Burrow magic is pulling fans in, especially in Louisiana with his college roots. With this $4.5 million bet on Joe and the Bengals, Mack will make history again.

And with the millions of Caesars Rewards credits he’ll earn — win or lose — he can enjoy time spent on OUR mattresses at Caesars anytime he wants to stop by.”

Needless to say, the man and his customers are begging for Joe Burrow and the Bengals to pull this one out.

Can you imagine though?

Being so rich, that you can risk pissing away millions over a sports bet….

That’s the dream right there.

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