Miranda Lambert On Potential New Album: “I’ve Got Some Stuff Coming Out That Is From A Really Creative Time”

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Alexa King

It sounds like Miranda Lambert is ready to release some new music soon.

She recently sat down with Rolling Stone to talk about her new song for Netflix’s hit show Queer Eye, her upcoming Bandwagon tour with Little Big Town, as well as some of her other plans for 2022.

With the wild past two years we’ve all experienced in 2020 and 2021, Miranda’s also had to adjust her life on the road in a way that she never even thought about before. She used her time off to get some house projects done and slow down a bit, but not being on tour meant it was much more difficult to continue to support her band and crew financially.

That’s just one of the many reasons Miranda was ready to get back to doing what she does best last year after a long break

With aforementioned tour coming up soon, as well as a headlining appearance at C2C fest across the pond, she’s hopeful they can pull off a (mostly) full touring schedule this year:

“I’m ready to move ahead. I’m over it all. I know [Covid is] a real thing; I’ve had it.

All the conversations and all the battles and all of that, it comes down to I want to do my job and I want to just live my life.”

But, the best part is that she even dropped some big hints about new music on the horizon.

I was really hopeful that her newest single, “If I Was A Cowboy”, was the beginning of much more to come. I love the whole concept of the song and more Texas-rooted nature of where she’s been creatively lately, and it seems as though a new solo album could be coming this year:

“Since I had the time off in 2020, I did a ton of writing. So I’ve got some things up my sleeve. I really enjoyed getting to write when it was all I could do.

I’ve got some stuff coming out that is from a really creative time. ‘If I Was a Cowboy’ is a little sneak peek of that.”

Say LESS, Miranda.

That’s really all I needed to hear… especially after how incredible her collaborative record with fellow Texans Jon Randall and Jack Ingram was in the The Marfa Tapes, I couldn’t be more excited for her current direction and where she’s taking her career.

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