Man Attacked By A Pack Of Otters While Out For A Walk: “I Thought I Was Going To Die”

A person sitting on a chair with a large animal

Man, I always thought otters were so friendly.

But one British man ended up in the hospital and says he “thought he was going to die” after being attacked by a pack of 20 otters in Singapore recently.

Graham George Spencer was out for a walk with a friend at the Singapore Botanic Gardens last month when he saw the furry creatures crossing in front of him.

A jogger then ran through the otter pack and spooked the little guys, who suddenly turned on Spencer and went “crazy like dogs.”

The otters bit him in the ankles before somehow knocking him over and swarming on top of him, biting him “26 times in 10 seconds” on the legs, fingers, and the butt.

Spencer’s friend managed to scare the otters off long enough for him to make a run for it, although he claims that they continued to follow him for a short distance.

And despite the attack only lasting a few seconds, Spencer said he thought that was the end for him:

“I just kept thinking ‘Surely I’m not going to die this way. Is this how I’m going to end? What will my kids think?

I just thought, ‘Gosh, no, I’ve got to get out of this.’

I literally probably only lasted 10 seconds but it was as if time stopped and I just was going over all this thinking ‘I’ve got to get up.'”

A guard in the park treated Spencer’s injuries and offered to call an ambulance, but he decided just to walk to the hospital across the street (did they really need to call an ambulance if the hospital was across the street anyway?)

At the hospital Spencer was treated with antibiotics and given a tetanus shot, and doctors also stitched him up before sending him home later the same day.

Unfortunately for our man Spencer though, he still struggles to sit down from the otter bites on his ass (never thought I’d write that sentence).

He’s thankful for his friend who was with him though – who he says saved his life:

“If it wasn’t for my friend, I don’t think I’d still be here.”

Man, who knew otters were such assholes? I always thought they were friendly little guys who just floated around holding hands all day.

But researchers say you’re generally safe from being attacked by vicious otters, and were surprised by the aggressiveness of their attack on Spencer.

I guess that’s a good thing. There are enough things to worry about right now without having to keep your head on a swivel for attack otters.

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