Weighing In At 850 Pounds, A Massachusetts Bakery Created The World’s Largest Pot Brownie


Anybody put “a trip to Mars” on their Christmas list?

Although, you probably don’t have a few million bucks laying around to take a trip to space with Jeff Bezos, here’s a little something that can take you outside of the stratosphere real quick.

A Massachusetts company, dubbed Bubby’s Baked, has developed one of the wildest things I’ve ever seen…

The world’s largest pot brownie.

And boy, it looks like you could lay on top of this thing and take a nap.

According to a press release, it weighs in at a WHOPPING 850 pounds, and measures three feet wide, and three feet long.

And yeah, it has enough pot in it to keep you high for years with 20,000 mg of THC. Unless you’re Joey Diaz… then it might just last you to Groundhog Day.

The company released this statement:

“To commemorate the launch of Bubby’s MariMed’s craft confectioners in Massachusetts baked a larger-than-life version of a Bubby’s soft-baked brownie that is believed to be the world’s largest THC-infused brownie ever made.”

The brownie was baked in a large commercial oven, as the five-person team set out to break the Guinness World Record for largest brownie, previously set at 234 pounds by Something Sweet Bake Shop in Daphne, Alabama back in 2013.

However, their entry was rejected because Guinness doesn’t accept anything Cannabis-infused.


The company intends to sell the pot brownie once they find the right price and buyer.

They continued:

“Inspired by the original cannabis-infused, homemade brownie, every delicious, soft, and chewy Buddy’s bite is made from scratch in small batches, and infused with precision-dosed, full spectrum cannabis. They’re perfect for sharing high times with friends this holiday season.”

The bite-size edibles are available in brownie, chocolate chip, and snickerdoodle, but only available in Massachusetts.

However, they plan to expand to dispensaries in Delaware and Maryland in 2022.

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