Death Of Man At Dierks Bentley’s Nashville Bar, Whiskey Row, Ruled A Homicide

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Back in August, a man died after police said he became unruly and had to be restrained by security at the rooftop bar of Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row, located at the corner of 4th Avenue South on Nashville’s famous lower Broadway.

And now, according to KTZV, his death has been ruled a homicide.

The medical examiner on the case says that 22-year-old Dallas Barrett died from asphyxia.

Whiskey Row has released the following statement:

“The most important thing for Whiskey Row Nashville is the safety and of our customers and staff.

Immediately following the events of the evening of August 16, 2021, Whiskey Row Nashville initiated an internal investigation while fully cooperating with Metropolitan Nashville Police Department in its investigation.

Our investigation revealed that when security requested assistance from Metro Police, an employee of Whiskey Row Nashville immediately approached two officers standing outside Whiskey Row for assistance. The officers would not provide assistance and told the employee to call 911, which was done

Nearly six minutes later, different Metro Officers entered the rooftop from the elevator. Whiskey Row Nashville filed an official complaint with Metro Police.

Based upon the information available to us at the time and the footage captured by our internal security video system, security staff appeared to try and de-escalate the chain of events that transpired that evening until Metro Police could arrive.

Please see the accompanying video clips leading up to Barrett’s restraint. For video description purposes, Barrett is wearing a black tee-shirt,

Bradyn Anderson is wearing a white football jersey, and Barrett’s companion is wearing a yellow tee-shirt. In a September 22, 2021 television news interview, Bradyn Anderson identifies himself as being with Barrett that evening.

The first video clip shows Anderson walking onto the dance floor, and Barrett shoves Anderson from behind. Barrett is seen shoving a young woman dancing and then bounces into security guard A. Security guard A attempts to talk to Barrett to ask him to leave, while calling over the security radio for assistance.

The second video clip shows as security was attempting to escort Barrett and others out, standing alone, Barrett turns, lunges, and assaults Security guard A which causes a laceration over his eye, requiring medical attention. Security attempts to restrain Barrett as the man in the yellow shirt and Anderson starts fighting with security. Due to Barrett’s large size, several security guards are needed to try and restrain him.

We have reviewed the Medical Examiner’s report and have requested assistance in understanding its content. Nothing is more important than the truth, and we will continue to work with the proper authorities as we have done from the start.

A life was lost, and others are suffering from emotional and physical scars. The Whiskey Row Nashville family hopes there will be healing for all involved.”

The victims mother, Tammy Barrett, released a statement of her own following the devastating news:

“Today, I received the news that my son, Dallas Jordan Barrett, was the victim of a brutal homicide. This murder was committed by employees of Dierks Bentley Whiskey Row on August 16, 2021.

Though hardly surprising, this news is confirmation of that which I already knew. This day also marks the first step in my crusade to obtain justice for my son. Although my son died at only twenty-two years of age, he did not live in vain.

I intend that he shall not have died in vain. I will pursue justice for my son through all legal channels at my disposal. I implore all of you who are committed to equal justice under the law to join me in my fight. My son’s blood cries out from the ground.”

Whiskey Row says they have filed an official complaint with police after they requested assistance and were not provided with any.

The case remains under investigation.

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