Flatland Cavalry Reflects On Grand Ole Opry Debut: “Kinda Feels Like A Resurgence”

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Fernando Garcia

You’ve gotta love seeing a little bit of Texas on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry.

Flatland Cavalry recently stepped into the circle and made their debut on “The Show That Made Country Music Famous,” taking the Opry stage for the first time on October 22.

The band got a standing ovation during their debut, and they also took some time to reflect on what their first Opry performance meant.

Said frontman Cleto Cordero:

“I feel like we’re getting to be introduced in front of a whole new crowd, which is kinda how it felt when ‘Humble Folks’ came out and people had experienced who we are and they would come out to shows a lot more than we were used to.

Kinda feels like a resurgence of that, and a bigger stage and there’s more people.”

And the history of the Opry wasn’t lost on Cleto and the gang, with Jason Albers adding:

“But for here there’s a lot more reverence, there’s a lot more history. The feeling on the stage, people who have played before us everywhere on the walls.”


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And while it was a monumental accomplishment for the band, I can’t help but feel that it’s a huge step in the right direction for country music too.

Too often country music is separated into “Nashville country” and “Texas country” and “Appalachian country.”

And I know that people who are fans of Texas country or Appalachian country generally don’t like seeing their favorite artist go the Nashville route, but for me personally, I would rather see Nashville be forced to compete head-to-head with these superstars of Texas country like Flatland Cavalry, or Kentucky’s Tyler Childers and Sturgill Simpson.

Because ultimately, not only is that more exposure for the great music coming from outside of Nashville, but it seems like it’s also pushing the Nashville country music in the right direction too.

So really, isn’t it a win-win for everybody?

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