VIDEO: Hungry Seagull Gulps Down Rabbit

A bird standing on a grassy area

Seagulls are some of the most secretly savage animals on the planet. 

Despite being smart enough to steal bags chips from convenience stores, they’re also readily capable predators with big appetites and hunting skills to match. 

It’s well documented that seagulls are some of the most resourceful and inquisitive birds on the planet and are far more carnivorous than most people realize. They’re mostly known as scavengers because vast flocks of seagulls are often seen swarming beaches to feed on whatever beachgoers throw on the ground for them and congregating around dumpsters and behind fast-food restaurants looking for soggy french fries, half-eaten chicken nuggets, and whatever other leftovers they can find.

Their hunting skills don’t get enough respect, though. The birds have even been observed taking pieces of bread people feed to them, dropping them in ponds, and then eating fish that are drawn to the bread, which exhibits some of the most complex hunting skills in the animal kingdom. Though they feed primarily on crabs and crustaceans, fish, smaller birds, they will eat pretty much anything they can get their beaks on. Because they can unhinge their jaws, they’re capable of taking down much larger prey than you would expect. 

This wild footage of a bird slurping down an entire rabbit in one bite is a perfect example of their hunting prowess and ability to gulp down unimaginably big meals. 

“Black backed gull makes a rabbit disappear

These gulls are considered apex predators on Skomer and Stokholm island because they are the largest and most aggresive predators in this small corner of the world.

In the absence of large birds of prey, these “kings of the Atlantic waterfront” have slotted in to this role on the tippy top of the foodchain.

However, once outside of this zone they are no longer considered apex as they are regularly preyed upon by bald eagles, white-tailed eagles and golden eagles.”


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