Whiskey Riff Mailbag: What’s Your Best Drunk Concert Story?

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We all know somebody who goes a little TOO hard at concerts.

Or maybe we ARE somebody who goes a little too hard at concerts.

Last year was pretty rough for everybody who loves going to concerts, so we figured that as concerts came back we’d see plenty of stories about people who celebrated being back at a live show a little too hard.

I’ve been to a few smaller shows so far this year, but I’m going to my first major concert in 18 months this coming weekend (can’t wait to drink my face off and see Eric Church kick off his Gather Again Tour), so that got me thinking: What are some of the drunkest concerts I’ve been to?

There was a Garth Brooks concert where a friend with all-you-can-drink tickets kept bringing me back double Jack and Cokes, and the next day I was looking back through my phone and found videos of Garth singing songs that I didn’t even remember him playing. Or there was the music festival where my friend passed out in the car at 1 in the afternoon and missed half the lineup. Or the time…well, you get the idea.

But I’m sure everybody else has a lot of great drunk concert stories.

So we want to hear them.

Fill out the form down below and tell us your best drunk concert moments. It could be a time that you (or somebody else) went a little too hard and passed out in the bathroom, or you threw back a few $15 concert beers and managed to sneak backstage, or you snuck mini bottles into a festival and ended up fighting everybody on the lawn.

Or maybe you threw up on stage with Dierks Bentley.

Whatever it is, give us your best stories.

We’ll post the best stories you submit (anonymously of course), so tell us your drunk concert stories and then come back to read some of the others too.

Concerts are back and the expensive concert beers are flowing, so let’s hear what you got:

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A beer bottle on a dock