Miranda Lambert And Lindsay Ell Duet “Goodbye Earl” After Hours-Long Rain Delay

Miranda Lambert is a superstar, there’s no doubt about that.

But, it’s not just because she sells a lot of tickets and makes great music.

She also supports other female artists and always tries to give them a platform to show off their talent when she can.

A couple years ago, she even did an all-girl tour with the likes of Ashley McBryde, Pistol Annies, Caylee Hammack and more.

And, just a couple weeks ago, she brought Lindsay Ell up on stage to sing a song together after Lindsay’s set got rained out at the Minnesota State Fair. It started pouring 15 minutes before she was supposed to go on and open the show.

Unfortunately, Miranda ended up being the only performer of the night after an hours-long delay that night. She ended up taking the stage later than she anticipated, but she stuck around to get up there and give it her all nonetheless.

Not only did she wait out the rain and lighting with all the fans until the weather cleared up, she went on stage with soaking wet hair, sans shoes so she didn’t slip on stage, and still gave a badass performance.

During her long-awaited set, she called Lindsay to the stage to sing The Dixie Chicks’ fan-favorite hit “Goodbye Earl” with her.

I love seeing Miranda lift up other girls in country music, and it just further proves that she’s a once in a generation artist. There’s no one else with her name recognition doing what she is right now.

Before they started with their badass performance, Miranda introduced her to the stage in a way that only she can:

“Well, because of the rain and all the uh, bullshit, we didn’t get to see Miss Lindsay Ell tonight. So, she’s gonna come out here and sing a song with us if y’all don’t mind.

Girls, you’re gonna like this one and I want you to sing along.”

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