Parker McCollum Endures A**-Kicking Workout With Cam Hanes

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Hide your wives and girlfriends, Parker McCollum is shirtless on a mountain.

The superstar in the making recently got together with bow hunter, ultra marathoner, Whiskey Riff Guy, and all around badass dude, Cameron Hanes, for what looks to be a nice run up a mountain.

For those who don’t know, let me make something clear… Cam Hanes is an absolute animal.

The guy runs a pretty much a marathon daily to prepare his body for bowhunting elk in the most remote and borderline inaccessible places in the country, where even the thought of bringing a vehicle is laughable. He throws the quartered elk pieces, weighing close to a hundred pounds, on his back and marches them miles and miles, over hills and rocks and cliffs and rivers, out of the woods and back to camp.

And when he’s not doing that, he’s running ultra-marathons, pumping iron, and putting in reps on the bow.

The guy runs 100 milers like its nothing and even ran the Moab 240 in 2017. Yeah, that’s 240 miles in one race, not to mention it’s literally through a desert in the scorching heat…

If Parker was able to even relatively keep up, that’s a crazy accomplishment.

“On that Cameron Hanes shit.”


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It certainly looks like Parker hasn’t been slacking on fitness in his own right though, but having just recently proposed to long time girlfriend Hallie Ray Light, you gotta get into wedding shape, right?

She joined in the comment section with some complimentary words for her new fiancé.

“Um okay I miss you even more now. YOU ARE HOT”

However, the ever present Koe Wetzel brought everyone back to earth with a way more relatable comment…

“Invite me next time, I’ll follow y’all in the jeep”

Yeah, that’s more our speed…

You have to imagine Cam put a hurtin’ on Parker, but an ass-kicking every now and then is good for soul. Nobody cares, work harder… amitire?


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