A 6-Foot, Extremely Venomous Cobra Is On The Loose In Dallas

A black and silver snake on a wood floor

Earlier this summer a highly venomous spitting cobra busted loose from its enclosure and put a North Carolina neighborhood on high alert.

Luckily the snake was located and captured before it could wreak too much havoc, although the owner of the snake is facing 40 misdemeanor charges for his mishandling of the snake.

Well now we’ve got another highly venomous cobra on the loose, this time in Texas.

According to the Dallas Morning News, On Tuesday evening a resident of Grand Prairie, Texas reported that his pet West African Banded Forest Cobra had escaped its enclosure and fled the scene. The owner has apologized to his neighbors for putting them on edge.

“I did make a mistake and I feel very sorry for the community.

I left to go get food for my other animals down the street and I came back, and the cage door was open by an inch. She must have found a way to open it up.”

Both the owner and animal services searched the inside of the home high and low as well as the immediate vicinity surrounding the home but had no luck locating the snake.

A bite from this particular species of cobra is considered highly lethal to humans. It is one of the most highly lethal snakes in the world.

The owner did have the proper permits from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to own the snake, although that does little to help bring the snake back in this situation. He had only been in possession of the snake for a few days, and the owner also confirmed that the cage did not have a lock on it.

Local hospitals have also been alerted to get protocols and anti-venom in place just in case they should have to treat a human for a bite from this particular snake.

Traps are being set in the area and residents in the area are talking extra steps to snake proof their homes, ensuring that any cracks or holes in their foundations are filled in.

Anyone who sees the black and beige snake should leave it alone, according to officials. Do not attempt to approach it. Immediately call 911 or Animal Services at 972-237-8575.

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