Did NASCAR Driver Kyle Busch Get Arrested In The Bahamas On Vacation?

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NASCAR is on a rare two-week break while NBC broadcasts this year’s Olympic games.

And nobody is enjoying the vacation time more than Kyle Busch.

Kyle is taking the opportunity to spend some time with family and friends down in the Bahamas.

So far we’ve already got videos of Kyle twerking to “Pretty Fly For a White Guy.”

And doing a shotski.

But a series of video posted to his Instagram story last night had many people questioning whether Kyle accidentally had a little TOO much fun and found himself on the wrong side of the law.

The late-night video showed Kyle and his party in a golf cart seemingly being chased by the police, before the next video showed the police pulling up behind him.

(I mean, NASCAR was started by moonshiners who souped up their cars to run from the police, right?)

Well NASCAR fans immediately took to social media to question whether Kyle was actually arrested after his run-in with the police, or what the hell was going on with the video.

Kyle then took to social media for a “press conference” on the incident where he…didn’t really clear anything up, but at least we can see that he’s clearly not in a Bahamian jail.

And then he posted a picture of the “police car” that was chasing him this weekend:

It was the NASCAR pace car, a clear reference to his run-in (literally) with the pace car this past weekend at New Hampshire, when a frustrated Kyle took out his anger over NASCAR not throwing a caution flag for rain on the track on the unsuspecting pace car driver.

So what the hell is going on with Kyle in the Bahamas right now? He’s obviously not in jail, so that’s good.

It looks like Kyle’s just living his best life, enjoying his vacation, and doing a little bit of trolling (something Kyle’s the absolute king of in NASCAR).

Whatever he’s doing, he’s definitely living up to his Rowdy Busch nickname – and giving us some great content that has all of the NASCAR world talking.

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