No Lawn? No Problem – Play This Grass Cutting Video Game Instead

A close-up of a lawn mower

Video games are getting more and more realistic. Gaming has gone from an entertaining hobby to a lifestyle full of virtual experiences.

Well sign me the heck up for this virtual experience.

Games like Call of Duty, Halo, Grand Theft Auto, and Red Dead Redemption all have cult followings, and all have legitimate resumes that could back up claims to the title of best video game franchise ever.

However, a new game is on the verge of hitting the market and it’s got a shot at taking that crown.

As if cutting the actual grass wasn’t already fun enough, come August 10th you can get your hands on what might be the best thing to ever happen to video games: The Lawn Mowing Simulator. 

That sound you hear is dads everywhere going absolutely insane.

A full on virtual lawn mowing experience. This is what the world has been missing.

No word on whether or not the game comes with a fresh pair of pre-grass stained Nike dad shoes, but it should.

The video trailer for the game looks absolutely electric. Just the brief video clip has already generated almost 25,000 views in less than a week.

The only drawback is that the game appears to be set in Great Britain. There is just no way Englishmen take as much pride in their lawns as Americans. If there is ever to be a second revolutionary war, fighting for the right to host such an epic video game is a worthy cause.

According to BroBible, the game is branded as:

“A chance to experience the beauty and detail of mowing the Great British countryside. 

The only simulator that allows you to ride an authentic and expansive roster of real-world licensed lawnmowers from prestigious manufacturers.”

If you’re like me and live in an apartment and genuinely miss cutting the grass, maybe it’s time to get back into video games after all. And this might be the one video game my dad would be proud of me for playing.

The game will be available on multiple Xbox platforms and on the Steam platform for computers.

Time to break out those grass stained Nikes and corny dad jokes.

And for those suburban dads who have kids that just sit on their computer all day streaming video games on Twitch?

Well this is your time to shine.

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