Connecticut Man Reels In Extremely Rare Fantail Mirror Carp

A man holding a large fish

A common carp caught by a Connecticut fisherman was anything but common.

It displayed two independently somewhat uncommon physical characteristics for the species at the same time.

Both traits are genetic mutations that alter the physical appearance of common carp. With mirror carp, the scales are abnormally large and the broad plate like scales shimmer in a somewhat reflective manner like a mirror.

Fan-tail carp are marked by a genetic mutation that causes long flowing and fancy looking fins.

State officials with the Connecticut Department of Fish and Wildlife admit they’re somewhat perplexed about how a remixed fish like this even happens, but noted that it is definitely not very common.

For both of those traits to transpire in one fish is an ecological anomaly, and for an angler to catch such a fish is like catching lightning in a bottle.

Even crazier is that Jeremy Ayala is not the first angler to catch the crazy fish though, but he was targeting this specific fish when he finally landed it after years in pursuit.

According to the News Observer, Ayala says a friend of his caught the same fish four years ago at the same spot, and it weighed 14 pounds back then.

“I’ve been chasing that fish for years.

It definitely put up a great fight. I fish for carp all the time for the adrenaline rush!”

The fish weighs 25.08 pounds now and while people speculated the fish was a carp mixed with a koi, state scientists confirmed it’s a common carp with double genetic mutations.

He released the fish back into the water after snapping a photo.

“So – check out this fish, an awesome display combining two mutations of the common carp – can you name the combo – hint one has to do with scales and the other with fins.

Congrats Jimmy Ayala for sharing such a rare and awesome catch with us.”

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