Pennsylvania Poacher Arrested In Kentucky With 72 Violations, Planned To Kill Game Warden

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A an egregious and felonious wildlife poacher (and all around scumbag) from Pennsylvania has been arrested in Kentucky and extradited back to the Keystone State.

According to the Pennsylvania Pressroom, 41-year-old Zachary Sheffel from from Mifflin County was charged with 72 separate wildlife violations back in September, along with charges of making illegal weapons. He subsequently fled the state before his court date.

The charges stemmed from a poaching warrant that was served after Sheffel had illegally shot two deer out of season.

After hiding out in Kentucky, authorities became alerted to his presence when he started telling people about his plans to return to Pennsylvania to kill the conservation officer who served the warrant against him. A far more heinous scenario than any of his poaching violations.

“He was going to kill any law enforcement officer that he encountered as well as the game warden that filed the charges against him.”

The FBI is know investigating the situation and Sheffel is being held in containment until his June 2nd court date.

Extradited Back To Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania Game Commission said it is believed to be the first time a fugitive facing game-law charges from Pennsylvania was extradited from another state.

“The success of this extradition is a product of excellent cooperation across the many law-enforcement agencies involved.

It’s a true testament to the professionalism of those agencies, and serves notice to the serious treatment wildlife crimes deservedly receive.”

The Game Commission first broke the news on their social media platforms alongside a press release with more details about the situation and the specific charges.

Poachers take note: You can run, but you can’t hide.A former Pennsylvania resident who fled to Kentucky to avoid…

Posted by Pennsylvania Game Commission on Friday, May 28, 2021

According to Pennsylvania officials, he was looking at 72 counts.

He was not able to make bail.

“A former Pennsylvania resident who fled to Kentucky to avoid facing a host of game-law charges was brought back Wednesday, May 26, 2021 by state police and turned over to the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

Zachary L. Scheffel, 41, formerly of Milroy, Mifflin County, touched down Wednesday at Capitol City Airport in New Cumberland and immediately was taken by game wardens to Mifflin County Prison, where he is jailed in lieu of $10,000 bail on 72 counts – including two felonies – of violating various game laws, as well as a charge of making, repairing or selling offensive weapons.

Scheffel was charged in September by State Game Warden Amanda Isett after the execution of a search warrant uncovered a multitude of game-law violations, including two felony charges for the unlawful killing or taking of deer.

Presently Scheffel faces two felony counts of unlawfully killing or taking of big game, two counts of unlawful acts concerning licenses, 33 counts of unlawful taking or possession of game or wildlife, two counts of unlawful devices and methods, 18 counts of exercising the privileges granted by a permit without first securing the required permit, 15 counts of unlawful acts concerning the taking of furbearers, and a misdemeanor count of making, repairing or selling offensive weapons.”

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