God Blessed Texas: 10 Of The Best Country Songs Named For Texas Cities

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There’s no denying Texas is home to some, if not the, most prideful people out there.

From the Battle of the Alamo, to the legendary Texas Rangers, rodeos, ranches, God, guns and glory, Texas is a unique and fiercely free state.

This is reflected in the country music scene as well, with some of the most popular songs in the genre’s history, like “All My Ex’s Live In Texas,” “If You’re Gonna Play In Texas,” and “God Blessed Texas,” and a ton more, all referencing the state’s name.

But it’s not just the state’s name that gets love in country songs, but the specific cities themselves, which Texans love almost as much as the state themselves.

Before we get to the list, here’s a few honorable mentions:

“Is Fort Worth Worth It” by Terri Clark; “Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind” by George Strait; “San Antonio Rose” by Bob Wills; Robert Earl Keen’s “Corpus Christi Bay” and of course, Waylon’s “Abilene,” but the list could really go on forever. I mean off the top of my head I can think of a dozen more great songs about Texas cities.

But, I have to stop the list somewhere…

So without further ado, here’s 10 of my favorite songs named for Texas cites:

10. Randy Rogers Band – San Antone

The Randy Rogers Band originated in San Marcos, Texas, just an hour drive from San Antonio. This fiddle heavy love song to San Antonio is full of Texas references like Shiner, Frio Street and the Alamo.

9. Parker McCollum – Galveston Bay

A must hear from his debut album, The Limestone Kid, Parker sings about love lost by the Galveston Bay.

8. Glen Campbell – Galveston

Not without controversy for its anti-war stance, this song has become an anthem of sorts for the Texas Bay town and one of the best known country songs about Texas.

7. Koe Wetzel – Lubbock

Gonna put a little fiddle on this thing… the proud East Texas native take a trip up North to Lubbock for a wild, drunken weekend.

6. Alan Jackson – Dallas

A cut from his 1991 Don’t Rock The Jukebox, “Dallas” went on to be one of many number one singles for Big Al. You also gotta love the wordplay here… he refers to her as “Dallas,” but of course the song is about Dallas the city as well.

5. Marty Robbins – El Paso

A legend of country music known best for his gunfighter ballads, Marty Robbins tells the tale of a man falling in love with a Mexican lady in El Paso and dying for her in a bar is heartbreaking and fantastic in all the right ways.

4. Chris Cagle – Laredo

Chris Cagle was known to lay down some bangers and this is no exception.

If his lady makes it past Laredo, she’s not coming back, and he’s hoping the city can make her change her mind…

3. Waylon Jennings/Willie Nelson – Luckenbach, Texas

Even though Waylon didn’t want to record this one, it’s a good thing he did, cause it turned into one of the biggest country songs of all time, and the most high-profile mentioning of Luckenbach, the unincorporated town in dead central Texas with a population of 3…

2. Blake Shelton – Austin

Not only is the song fantastic, but Blake’s mullet is top notch. Does anyone else think young Blake kinda looks like Kolby Cooper or is it just me?

1. George Strait – Amarillo By Morning

Come on, you knew the king had to be number one.

This song is country music and George Strait sure isn’t afraid to be proud of his home state.

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