Midland Release Trailer For “Midland: The Sonic Ranch,” An Origin Story Documentary & Soundtrack

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The boot stompin’ honky tonkin’ fellas from Midland have something big planned for their fans.

Announced today, the band is gearing up to release a new documentary and soundtrack, Midland: The Sonic Ranch.

The documentary will give you never-before-seen footage of the early days of the band, footage that was accumulated before their 2017 platinum-certified and Double Grammy-winning radio hit, “Drinkin’ Problem.”

The video documents the encounter between frontman Mark Wystrach and guitar player Jess Carson, who reconnected at a friend’s wedding. With an ambition to break the “bro-country” sound that was plaguing Nashville, the two decided to trek to the famous “Sonic Ranch” recording studio in Tornillo, Texas, to record some songs. They brought along one of their buddies, music video director Cameron Duddy, to film the recording session and Duddy ended up becoming the third member and bass player for the group.

And the rest is history.

Duddy recalled the trip to “Sonic Ranch” very well:

“We weren’t 100% when we walked in the door… beyond Mark and Jess were going to record these songs and see what this sound really was. By the time we walked out, all three of us knew this was a sound that didn’t exist, and it was a kind of country music we really loved.”

Wystrach added:

“The idea Cam wanted to come along for the ride was really fortuitous… he has such a strong eye for story and shots, so he almost can’t help himself. When we went back to just look at how we started, we couldn’t believe what was on film. Suddenly, there was all this footage of how groups are born, sounds come into being and honestly, all the stuff that goes into growing a band.”

And finally, Jess Carson on the project:

“We were always about the music… and the way real people could create something different. We’re all vintage people, whether old concert t-shirts or rhinestone suits, and recognizing what’s beautiful in the past set us up for this sound that we found out we had, a sound that borrowed from Gary Stewart and Mickey Gilley, Merle Haggard, Dwight (Yoakum), Buck Owens. Once we knew that, we wanted to chase it across the skyline. Now people can see our journey.”

Fired UP.

Along with the likes of Jon Pardi and Ashley McBryde, Midland have been a pretty big part of bringing the more traditional sound back to mainstream country radio, and now, we get to learn about what got them there.

CMT will premiere the documentary on March 19th, directed by Cameron Duddy himself.

Midland: The Sonic Ranch Tracklist:

1. Fourteen Gears (Adobe House Version)
2. Cowgirl Blues
3. Worn Out Boots
4. Champagne For The Pain
5. Will This Life Be As Grand
6. Fool’s Luck
7. Whiskey
8. She’s A Cowgirl
9. Runnin’ Wild
10. Texas Is The Last Stop
11. Cowgirl Blues (Jess Carson Vocal)
12. This Town

“Cowgirl Blues”

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