Zach Bryan Teases Another Unreleased Song, “Towers,” With Church Choir Backing

Zach Bryan country music
Trevor Pavlik

Zach Bryan is going to be taking some people to church with this one.

He might want to ask Eric Church how that went for him, but Zach might have a little better luck with it just dabbling in the style of gospel. This new, unreleased track rumored to be called “Towers” has Bryan (the king of posting social media teasers for his songs) leaning into a softer sound.

However, juxtaposed against Zach’s soft, drawn-out vocals is a church choir backing up the country star in certain portions of the song. Most prominently in the lyrics below, which Bryan shared a snippet of earlier today on his social media:

“It’s a long road to heaven (Long road)
It’s a far drop to hell
I pray we outlive this fountain (fountain)
I reckon time will tell.

The stronger folks keep going
No matter where they’ve been (No matter where they’ve been)
And there are lights on sparkling towers
That I’ll never see again (I’ll never see them again).”

Sounds like Zach Bryan could be breaking into his “gospel era” if this song tells us anything about his upcoming album. Then again, his next project is going to be titled “The Great American Bar Scene,” and last time I checked, that’s not implying a very churchy atmosphere.

But I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what Zach Bryan has in store for all of us. For some of the replies below this latest teaser, the wait and see part is evidently a little challenging for them:

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