Kansas Man Dressed In Bud Light Costume Gets Popped With A Cinco De Mayo DUI

Bud Light DUI
Fox 10

This is painfully ironic.

There are two different kinds of people on May 5th. You have the “Fifth Of May” fans or Cinco de Mayo fans. Or you have this man who missed the mark on both and fast-forwarded to October sporting a Halloween costume.

After last year’s Cinco de Mayo celebrations, a Kansas man was pulled over for drunk driving, and his costume did not help his case. He was dressed as a Bud Light can. The man then failed his field sobriety test, but the news station that covered the story made a hilarious joke that the costume might have been restricting him.

“Probably not easy dressed as a can of Bud Light to, you know, raise one foot and count to ten or whatever he was asked to do.”

While we do not condone drinking and driving of any kind, you have to wonder if he might have had a better field test out of costume. Regardless, he was not responsible for leaving his Cinco De Mayo celebrations.

The newscasters, though, think he committed a second crime as they investigate the dash cam image of the man in costume during the field sobriety test.

“Oh, his hat is on backward. That’s a second crime. Wear your hat forward.”

Dude can’t catch a break. Getting a DUI is hard enough as is, and then having the news televised and being further made fun of is a tough scene.

Hopefully, none of y’all are waking up with the same outcome as this man after Cinco de Mayo.

Check out some of the grade-A commentary while you’re here.

“Once his employer finds out about this I’m sure he’ll get canned!”

“How the hell did he get drunk drinking Bud Light?”

“This is rock bottom in so many ways.”

“And why??? Because he…CAN…”

“Cinco de Mayo requires Mexican beer. That was his first error.”

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock