John Hinckley Jr., Who Shot Ronald Reagan In 1981, Is A Country Singer Now & Says He’s A Victim Of “Cancel Culture” Because Venues Keep Canceling His Shows

John Hinckley et al.
John Hinckley Jr.

Don’t you hate it when your past comes back to bite you?

Now, granted most people don’t have anything like THIS in their past. But John Hinckley Jr. is finding out the hard way that the repercussions for your actions could follow you around for a long time.

If you were around back in 1981, you probably remember where you were or what you were doing when you first heard the news that President Ronald Reagan had been shot.

The would-be assassin was a man named (you guessed it) John Hinckley Jr., and it would later be revealed that Hinckley shot Reagan in an attempt to win the love of actress Jodie Foster. (For the record, it didn’t work).

Hinckley was ultimately found not guilty by reason of insanity and transferred to a psychiatric hospital for treatment, where he was to remain until the courts found that he no longer posed a danger to himself or others.

Well over the past few years the court gradually lifted its restrictions over Hinckley, first allowing him to move in with his mother as his mental health was restored. And in September of 2021 he was granted a full unconditional release, which officially took effect in June 2022.

So what does a man who attempted to assassinate a US President do with his newfound freedom?

Become a country music singer.

Of course country has seen its fair share of superstars with their own criminal records, guys like Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, George Jones and David Allan Coe who have all had their own run-ins with the law. And country music was willing to overlook their past and support them as artists.

But Hinckley is finding out that trying to assassinate a president may not be something that people are willing to overlook.

Since gaining his release, Hinckley has been attempting to book shows to perform his music in front of his…fans? But it turns out that once venues realize that the man who shot Ronald Reagan is…well, the man who shot Ronald Reagan, they aren’t so quick to host his show on their stage.

Hinckley has had several gigs canceled on him after being announced, including one recently that was scheduled at the Hotel Huxley in Naugatuck, Connecticut, on March 30 – which just so happened to be the anniversary of the day that Hinckley shot Reagan.

Can’t imagine why they didn’t want to go forward with the show.

Well Hinckley is tired of having his shows canceled, and spoke out recently about how he believes he’s a victim of cancel culture:

“I think that’s fair to say: I’m a victim of cancel culture. It keeps happening over and over again…

They book me and then the show gets announced and then the venue starts getting backlash. The owners always cave, they cancel. It’s happened so many times, it’s kinda what I expect.

I don’t really get upset.”

Now, far be it from me to defend cancel culture. It’s obviously a problem when people lose their jobs or their livelihoods over something as simple as an unpopular opinion.

But gotta be honest here, I see why these venues don’t want to be associated with the man who tried to kill the US president in order to win the affections of a movie star.

That’s a little different than Jason Aldean posting a video that people didn’t like.

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