Dylan Gossett Lays Down Stellar Live Performance Of “Somewhere Between”

Dylan Gossett country music
Dylan Gossett

Dylan Gossett does not miss.

The Austin, Texas native is making sure country music fans know his name with each impressive release. With his most recent EP, Songs In The Gravel, he once again showed fans he was hungry to make it in the scene after his quick rise to fame from his viral song “Coal.” The whole EP highlights his raw and rugged songwriting, making it a stellar showcase of his talent.

One of my favorites from the EP was a previously released upbeat single, “Somewhere Between,” and Gossett recently shared a live version of the track as part of his ‘The Lake House Sessions.’ Gossett and his band gathered around a fire on a dimly lit night to lay down a live version of a few songs, and this session sounds just as good as the studio cuts… they are so dang smooth.

The melody, which mimics a train chugging along, perfectly matches the lyrics about moving from city to city and missing the one you love. The message of this song is something that those in the music industry are all too familiar with. Many spend late nights on the road projecting their sound in a different city each night, chasing their dream but sacrificing time with those they love:

“I’m somewhere between Kansas and coal
And Colorado snow, don’t care anymore
‘Long as I’m gettin’ where I go
And I’m from Mississippi where nobody missed me
So I’m travelin’ on
So tonight I’ll call this train my home…”

This performance further notes that Gossett is someone who should be on your radar; his vocals are razor-sharp live and in the studio. I can’t wait to see more from ‘The Lake House Sessions.’

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