Arkansas Woman Drops Her Pants & Poops On The Side Of The Road During Traffic Stop, Fights Cop With Pants Around Her Knees

Arkansas state police
Arkansas State Police

Not that they’re ever good, but this traffic stop turned into a really sh*tty situation. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist).

A woman in Arkansas was stopped for speeding by a state trooper, who suspected that she had been drinking after detecting an odor of alcohol.

The trooper asked the woman to get out of her car and gave her some field sobriety tests. But when he tried to give her a breathalyzer to determine how intoxicated she was, things took a…bizarre turn.

The woman was confused by the breath test, and thought that the officer was trying to shoot her with the breathalyzer. Well obviously that was pretty good evidence that she was too intoxicated to be driving, so the trooper attempted to take her into custody – but apparently the threat of going to jail had upset her stomach. (Or she had the beer sh*ts. Happens to the best of us).

The driver informed the trooper that she had to poop, but the officer told her she would have to wait until they got to the jail.

Well apparently she couldn’t wait that long.

The woman dropped her pants right there on the side of the road…and dropped a deuce right in front of the trooper.

When you gotta go, you gotta go.

She then asked for some toilet paper, but at that point the officer had seen enough and was just interested in getting her into custody.

As he tried to arrest the woman, she began fighting and biting the officer who struggled to get her into handcuffs. The trooper ended up chasing the woman all around the car with her pants around her knees as she resisted and begged him to let her pull her pants up.

At one point she even got back into her car, despite the officer tasing her, and a passing trucker stopped to help out with the wild scene.

Once backup arrived the officers were able to get her into custody (while she claimed she had “poop on her hands”) and put her into the back of the patrol car, while the trooper explained to her colleagues all that he’d had to deal with:

“She just dropped her pants and shit right there on the side of the road.”

When you gotta go, you gotta go.

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