Ref Blows Out Shoe During Creighton vs. Akron Game And March Madness Is Officially On

NCAA Creighton ref
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It isn’t just the players that are laying it all out on the court today, it’s the refs too.

There’s few sports where officials needs to be in great shape just to keep up with the game. Soccer for sure, but other than that, I think basketball officials probably put in the most work.

Round One of the NCAA Men’s March Madness tournament kicked off this afternoon and one of the game that got my interest right off the bat was Creighton vs Akron.

I don’t know why but that’s the first one I turned on. And Akron as the 14 seed did a pretty good job keeping it close for awhile, but 3 seed Creighton has pulled ahead to a 16 point lead as I sit typing this, meaning, unless a miraculous comeback is in the books (which you can’t rule out in March), the favorite is going to move on.

But a moment from earlier in the game signaled, at least to me, that March Madness and all the oddities that come with it, was fully in swing.

Referee Kelly Pfeifer was forced to take a shoe from the back up ref when his suffered a Zion Williamson-esk blow out while he was hustling up and down the court.

Take a look at the weird moment here.

Turns out Pfifer and back up ref Adam Flore were the same size, which is super convenient because I don’t know how readily available spare ref shoes are.

What a way to start March Madness.

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