Florida Sheriffs Are Still Looking For Cam Sutton, And Football Fans Brought The Jokes

Cam Sutton mugshot

Rough story coming out of the NFL world right now.

Detroit Lions cornerback Cameron Sutton is currently wanted by the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Department for alleged domestic battery by strangulation that happened earlier this month.

Authorities were first made aware of the incident on March 7th and have been trying to locate the 29 year old ever since, but with no luck yet, the Sheriff’s office took things to the public with a post on X earlier today.

Nothing needs to be said about what he’s accused of doing. The NFL has long had a domestic violence problem with a subset of its players and time will tell what on-field punishments will arise from this incident whether he’s convicted or not. Of course, everyone is innocent until proven guilty, but the track record of player’s behavior and NFL responses has been less than stellar to say the least.

As tends to happen when news of this variety pops up, the internet took it and ran, with some of the jokes made about the former Pittsburgh Steeler who signed a 3 year, $33 million contract with the Lions just last year being too good not to share.

The burned toast one got me good…

Hopefully he turns himself in or the authorities are able to find him. He’ll have his day in court to plead his case, but man it’s tiring to keep hearing about the domestic violence incidents plaguing the league we all love so much.

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