Big Ten Officials Shut Down “No Means No” Chants From Wisconsin Band During Free Throws By Illinois Guard Charged With Sexual Assault

Big 10 Championship Illinois vs. Wisconsin Terrence Shannon Jr.

At least the band stopped when they were told no.

Wisconsin and Illinois met today in the Big 10 Championship game, with the Illini taking down the Badgers to win the tournament. But their season has been overshadowed by some disturbing allegations against one of their star players, Terrence Shannon Jr.

Back in December, Shannon was arrested and charged with rape after for an incident that allegedly took place at a bar after a football game in Kansas.

Shannon has denied the allegations, and after initially being suspended upon his arrest, was granted a preliminary injunction to continue playing as the charges are pending.

And during the Big 10 tournament, the Wisconsin band and fans made sure to remind Shannon of his legal troubles – but apparently their chants of “No means no” were shut down by Big 10 officials.

The chants could be heard during Shannon’s first free throws early in the game.

Of course, that may have just brought more attention to the chants than if they had just let them go…

Of course it doesn’t seem like the chants were able to get in Shannon’s head: The guard managed to drop 34 points on the Badgers, and was named the MVP of the tournament.

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