“They’re All High” – New Orleans Police Chief Says Rats Are Eating Marijuana Confiscated As Evidence

Mortiz Wolfe/Getty Images

As if having rats isn’t already bad enough…

New Orleans already has a reputation for being a…well, a dirty city. (And I’m not just talking about what happens for beads on Bourbon Street).

If you’ve been to the Big Easy, you know that it’s definitely not the cleanest place you’ve ever visited. I lived in New Orleans for years, and you just kind of accept that bugs, rats, all sorts of wildlife, they’re all just things you have to deal with. One day I looked up and a lizard was crawling across the blinds on my window.

New Orleans is an old city, with old buildings and houses. So it happens, even in the nicest of places. I just tell people that it’s all part of the charm.

But there’s really nothing charming about the New Orleans Police Department headquarters.

During a city council meeting, NOPD superintendent Anne Kirkpatrick detailed the conditions in the deteriorating building – like rats that are getting stoned out of their minds from eating the evidence.

“The rats are eating our marijuana. They’re all high.”

Yeah, so apparently rats have infested the evidence room down there at HQ and are feasting on the drugs that have been confiscated by police.

I mean, maybe they’re easier to trap when they’re high?

The NOPD is asking city council for funding the move into a new building, because apparently working with a bunch of stoner vermin isn’t exactly ideal conditions?

But hey, it’s still not as bad as some of the people you see on Bourbon Street after a night of partying…

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