FFA Teacher Goes Viral With Sneaky Test Question Asking Students To Give Their Best Hog Call

Hog call in classroom
Silo FFA

Calling all the hogs.

This is one way to get out of taking a test and knowing the kind of student I was… I’d let this one rip. An FFA teacher in Silo, Oklahoma, is going viral on social media for his sneaky message on a test.

We all know the classic teacher trick of putting some hidden “freebees” within a body of text, which often note silly little tasks like drawing a smiley face beside your answer. It’s the best way to see how closely your students pay attention to the question on the sheet and if they are tuned into the fine details. After looking at this Silo’s TikTok page, it appears that this Ag teacher loves to do things like this on his test… but this request takes the cake. In a recent video, he noted that if his students gave their best hog call, they would be exempt from their test.

Now, I first read this and thought we would be getting a little Woo Pig Sooie action. Think again…

These kids stand out from their chairs and let out a bone-chilling piglet squeal. During the first class of the day, when they were taking their test, the first kid who saw the note on the test shot up out of his chair and let it rip. Shortly afterward, he was followed by a classmate doing the same. Other students looked around nervously, letting out little giggles, clearly missing the note of exemption or not getting to that part yet.

The teacher also shows the second class of the day, where the first student to see it really does call the hogs.


I could honestly sit here and watch these kids give their best hog call all day solely due to the level of commitment they each gave. They were not taking any chances that they would be called out for giving a half-ass hog call….and they wanted to get that test exemption. Each of these students deserves extra credit points for their commitment alone.

Also, why are we not talking about the kid who has a half gallon of milk on his desk… who takes a test like that?

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