Donkey Basketball Should Be An Olympic Sport


Who didn’t love spirit week growing up?

You got to wear funky clothes, play your teachers in volleyball, watch your friends compete in class Olympics, what’s not to love?

Well, there’s some rural schools out there that have a different type of spirit week it’s about time we get the rest of the country involved.

Last week was National FFA Week (Future Farmers of America if you don’t know) and one of the events that participating schools often roll out is quite honestly a perfect representation of country life in the US.

Introducing the newest athletic craze, donkey basketball.

Some of you may have read this and rolled your eyes. “These city slickers are just finding out about this? No one is carrying on traditions anymore, this country is going down the toilet.”

To that I say, I knew about donkey basketball but my school didn’t have it. Other schools by me had things like it, including drive your tractor to school day, but hey, I can’t control what my school allowed us to do.

Anyway, the general concept is people saddle up a donkey, strap on a helmet (they are on hardwood after all), and get to playing ball.

You’re going to tell me this doesn’t look incredibly fun? Give me a break.

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Now, I’m sure the actual basketball players are going to be a bit upset at the condition of the floor after a bunch of hooves wreak havoc on it, but hey, just gives the school another reason to refinish it.

I really feel like I missed out by not watching people get bucked off a donkey in the middle of the school day but I will go on the record with my strongest political stance yet.

American schools need donkey basketball.

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