WATCH: Heroic First Responders Rescue Truck Driver Dangling Over Bridge In Kentucky

Kentucky truck driver rescue
ORussellNews/Fox News


Honestly I’m terrified just watching this, and I’m sitting safely on my couch right now. I can’t imagine what this truck driver was thinking as he was dangling over the edge of a bridge, staring down at the icy river below him.

This miraculous rescue took place in Louisville, Kentucky this morning, on the Clark Memorial Bridge connecting the Bluegrass State with Indiana. A traffic accident sent a semi truck plowing through the barrier on the side of the bridge, and left the truck perilously hanging over the side while the driver was trapped in the cab.

But luckily first responders were able to get to the driver, heroically lowering themselves to the cab of the truck and bring her to safety before the truck plunged into the Ohio River.

This rescue just took place a little while ago, and it looks like the truck is still hanging over the edge of the bridge, so who knows how long it’s going to take to clean this mess up.

But God bless the men and women who jumped into action to rescue this driver from the worst day she’s ever going to have at work.

Heroes, all of them.

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