Koe Wetzel Says He’s Dropping “New Music Next Week”

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Jody Domingue

New Koe Wetzel is coming SOON.

After teasing a new song called “Damn Near Normal” on “Koe Wetzel Day” yesterday, Koe confirmed today on his music account on Instagram that he’s dropping “new music next week”:

“Thanks for a great February 28th! New music next week!”

Yesterday, it was also announced that his fan-favorite project Noise Complaint would be available on vinyl for the very first time, and as a thank you to fans who ordered it, Koe also sent them the aforementioned brand new song.

It remains to be seen if the music coming next week is the full version of “Damn Near Normal” for all of his fans, or if he’s dropping that in addition to something more.

In the final photo in the carousel below, which is where he announced the new music, Koe’s pictured with his fellow Texan Leon Bridges, who was featured on a song with Miranda Lambert last year, so who knows… if he’s not featured on the next album, maybe we could get a cool duet from those two one day.

I have no idea what it would sound like, but I do know that it would be epic…

We do know that Koe has been in the studio recently, so hopefully, this all means that an album announcement is right around the corner. I’d venture to guess that’s obviously what’s coming next (I don’t have any insider information, just a hunch), and it’s likely that KW6 pretty much ready.

And speaking of new music, “Damn Near Normal” definitely falls in line with what we heard on Koe’s most recent studio album Hell Paso (2022) in terms of the internal struggle of being out on the road all the time, getting into trouble with drinking and drugs just to keep himself going, and feeling like he’s missing out on a more “normal” life back home.

I love the sound of it already, and I think we’ll get to hear the full version very soon.

Stay tuned…

“Damn Near Normal”

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