Elizabeth Hurley’s Son Wrote & Directed A Steamy Sex Scene For His Mom In Their New Movie ‘Strictly Confidential’

Elizabeth Hurley
Strictly Confidential

You gotta separate the art from the artist, right? Even when that artist is your mom in a steamy sex scene with another woman…

Now if you’re a man from my generation, chances are you grew up with more than a little crush on Elizabeth Hurley. The English actress and model had all the guys horned up with her roles in movies like Austin Powers and the Brendan Fraser comedy Bedazzled, where I don’t think I’ve ever been so attracted to a devil.

Don’t act like I’m the only one…

I rest my case.

But anyway, Hurley’s 21-year old son Damian Hurley is in the business himself now (which makes me feel old, but that’s beside the point). And he’s gearing up for his directorial debut with his upcoming film Strictly Confidential, which stars his own mother and tells the story of a group of friends and family members who return to an island and search for answers following the mysterious suicide of one of their friends.

Not only is Damian directing the upcoming movie, but he’s also the writer for the film. And in the trailer that was released today, we see that he apparently wrote and directed a steamy sex scene…for his own mother.

The scene features Hurley and co-star Pear Chiravara getting hot and heavy on the porch of their tropical destination, which you would think would make her son uncomfortable but hey, like I said, you gotta separate the art from the artist.

Especially when that artist is Liz Hurley, one of the biggest sex symbols of the ’90s.


The movie premieres in theaters and streaming on April 5.

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