“We’ll Get To Work” – Treaty Oak Revival Promise Fans 6-Track Acoustic EP

Treaty Oak Revival
Treaty Oak Revival

Ask, and you shall receive.

Treaty Oak Revival is having a massive moment in music right now. Since they released Have A Nice Day, the West Texas natives have blown up, selling out show after show. With their raw storytelling and rowdy live performances, they create an electric Southern rock atmosphere that is hard not to love.

While we know them for their grungy sound, the band took to X (formerly Twitter) to ask fans their thoughts on hearing some more stripped-back content.

Naturally, since listeners can’t get enough from the group right now, were over the moon to see that this was a possibility.

Fans QUICKLY sounded off, giving this idea a “hell yeah.” Even 49 Winchester was in the comments voting yes to this potential project.

With the comment section growing like wildfire, begging the Treaty Oak boys for this project, they finally responded two days after the initial Tweet, noting that they would be getting to work.

“Well shit, thanks, guys. We’ll get to work.”

With no timeline shared, who knows when we will see the light of it. But the promise of an acoustic EP is going to be epic.

The last acoustic set the boys did was back in 2022 for PBS, after the release of their debut album, No Vacancy. While this album is still loved by fans, the group was starting to break out on the more mainstream scene at the time of this filming.

I highly recommend watching this and then start thinking about which songs from No Vacancy and Have A Nice Day you’d put on your EP wish list.

I could come up with hundreds of combinations I’d like to see:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock