Weekend Warrior Golfer Hits The Recovery Shot Of A Lifetime, Chipping In From Across The Damn Highway

Golf shot from across highway

Preemptive request for a forgiving readership if this is a recycle clip from the rapid-fire Internet era equivalent of eons ago, but whether it is or not, this strapping lad mildly risked life and limb just to hit his golf ball.

What ensued from there, roughly 50 yards from well off the beaten path, is the stuff of miracles.

When PGA Tour players hit unbelievable recovery shots, it’s extraordinary to behold and all, but it is their job. Hideki Matsuyama gets all sad-boy dejected when hits it 15 feet from the pin. On the other hand, when a weekend warrior like this guy pulls off such unfathomable magic, you can’t help but stand up and give a round of applause for a common man with an uncommonly good short game.

You know how in basketball a broadcaster might say, “FROM THE PARKING LOT!” to emphasize how long a 3-point shot is? Yeah. My man right here is legitimately closer to the grocery store parking lot than the freaking flagstick before he cans it with a beautiful wedge.

Detractors will say that the fine folks who maintain this golf course shouldn’t be so generous with what they consider out of bounds. Maybe this group of golfers were simply having fun, totally ignored the white OB stakes in the ground, and was going to hit their balls no matter what. It makes little difference to me. I commend the audacity to attempt such a thing. So many ways this spectacular pitch could’ve gone wrong. What if a car came speeding by, and he skulled it straight through one of their windows? He could’ve easily chunked it, watched helplessly as the ball bounced across traffic, hoping it wouldn’t distract anyone or cause a swerve-induced wreck.

What a heads-up move for the other fella who captured the video. Impressive camerawork to track the shot as it soared through the air, plopped on the putting surface, and rolled straight into the hole. I would assume/hope that was a birdie.

The only burning question I have remaining is, “How the hell did the same dude who did that hit his previous shot so far off-line?” There’s missing a shot left, then there’s missing a shot left-of-left, and then there’s whatever this was. Looks like the 100-yards-and-in part of the young man’s game is in good shape. May be time to hit the driving range, lay down some alignment sticks, and get to work on the full swing.

This clip is a great argument to abolish out of bounds entirely. Don’t tell me I can’t hit my ball, or have to take a penalty stroke. If I can find it, I’m gonna hit it, or at least try to. Play the ball as it lies!

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