How Do We Feel About These Roller Skate Cowboy Boots?

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It’s called fashion…you just don’t get it.

Ladies and gentlemen, roller skates are having a moment. They played a big “roll” (get it?) in Usher’s Super Bowl halftime show, and now they apparently exist as a cowboy boot crossover? I’ll tell you what, these roller skate cowboy boots would pair great with the flat bill cowboy hat that was going viral a couple of weeks ago.

Now the question, or questions, that need to be asked about these rolling cowboy boots is a) what are they for? and b) who are they for? There aren’t many situations that would call for this kind of fashion statement, other than “when you have to herd cattle at 3 and make it to your 8-year-old’s roller rink birthday party at 4.”

I guess they wouldn’t be bad for a night out on Nashville’s Broadway scene either. Imagine the moves you could bust out on the dance floor with these bad boys, and imagine how much easier it would be to carry your black-out-drunk friend to the Uber if they had wheels on their feet.

Check them out:

Nice play on Garth Brook’s “Friends In Low Places” there. I could see Garth rocking a pair of these, either while he’s playing for a sold out stadium or roller skating around Bass Pro Shop handing people his exclusive CDs.

Social media saw these roller-derby-ready cowboy boots and were in full support. At least most people that came across them were, as you can see by some of their comments and reposts below:

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