Carnival Cruise Passenger Freaks Out After Being Asked To Quiet Down During Show, Smashes Glass Into Man’s Face

Carnival Cruise ship
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Adding this to the list of reasons I do not personally wish to vacation on a cruise.

A man recently pled guilty to an incident from a Carnival Cruise back in October. While on the cruise, Michael Truman of Portsmouth, Virginia, was asked to quiet down by another male passenger during the on-board production of “Flick.” Truman was not thrilled with this request, smashing a cocktail glass into the man’s face and then beating him.

The New York Post reported that on the criminal affidavit, the victim (named J.H. in documents) asked a seemingly intoxicated Truman to quiet down after clapping loudly. When the victim asked him again, and he refused, he was about to get up to find a crew member to remove the “loudmouth.”

But Truman struck.

As the victim stood up, Truman smashed his glass into his face.

“Truman picked up his drink glass and smashed it into J.H.’s face. Truman then got on top of J.H. and began striking him.”

The victim required sixteen stitches from the glass and hits. When officials entered Truman’s room, they noted that he:

“Had removed his shirt and was holding a towel in his right hand, which was actively bleeding from a laceration.”

Truman claimed he did not know how he got the cut on his hand. Also, when asked what he used to strike the passenger, he said he didn’t know. The filing also says:

“Truman also stated that he did not know how he got the cut on his hand, claimed he had consumed three or four drinks of alcohol that day, and offered to stay in his room for the rest of the cruise.”

Although this incident happened in October of 2023, Truman just pled guilty to assaulting the passenger with a dangerous weapon on February 15th and is facing up to 10 years in prison if he is sentenced to the maximum penalty.

I will not be asking anyone to quiet down at shows now out of fear of what happened to this man…

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