The Internet Reacts To The Bizarre Phenomenon That is The NYPD Dance Team & It’s Bad News For New York’s Finest

dancing police

The New York City Police Department apparently has a dance team, which is cool and all, except that a lot of Big Apple residents may not take too kindly to this unusual initiative and allocation of resources.

All kinds of reactions are pouring in from the NYPD’s routine that appeared on local CW affiliate WPIX. While many are criticizing the middling choreography — hey, they’re law enforcement officers, not professional dancers! — the grander scheme of why this dance team exists in the first place is the source of most peoples’ ire.

All respect in the world to those who fight to keep New York City safe. Let’s not get it twisted. This is merely the documentation of folks’ reactions to the dance team.

There are some easy counterpoints to be made to this whole scene from the jump. First of all, you can play the, “we fund this, but we don’t fund that” game when it comes to any policy at any level of government. When you think about the whole system that way, it can be understandably frustrating. I get why people are popping off about the NYPD dance team from that perspective, yet it just seems like a symptom of a larger problem.

Additionally, what harm does it do for folks in this high-stress line of work to have an artistic outlet of sorts? These people do their best to uphold the law and protect citizens. What’s the big deal if they utilize a fraction of their free time to put together dance routines, get a good sweat in, and engage in a form of teamwork where the stakes aren’t so life or death? This is the same city where Broadway exists, y’all. I say the angry Twitter users should lighten up a little on the NYPD in this particular instance.

X is a weird place, I tell ya. “Boycott New York” is trending as of the early afternoon. Good luck with that, whomever.

On a more positive note that folks can hopefully rally around, ahead of Sunday’s Rangers-Devils NHL matchup, the city’s police and fire departments are following New York players into the Stadium Series.

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