Somebody Asked What To Do With This Space, & Once Again, The Internet Did Not Disappoint

closet space

If you are in need of help with any sort of interior design, you’d think you would call the experts, right?

Well, in recent weeks, the more popular decision is to just post about the issue on social media and see if anyone out there has any worthwhile ideas. That’s what a real estate agent did back in January, and the results were more hilarious than they were helpful.

And now, another post is going viral, with almost 2 million social media interactions on this picture below asking for advice on what to do with the awkward space. It appears that the under-stairs area would normally be turned into a storage closet (or a home for a young wizard), but whoever built this home decided to leave it open.

Take a look:

Pretty awkward space, right?

Some on X (formerly Twitter) suggested that the area be turned into a small library or reading nook, while others thought it would be the perfect place for a bar or makeshift wine cellar.

All of those possible solutions are great, but I’d say that the more “out of the box” ideas that were proposed would be more fun. At the very least, they were more entertaining to imagine in the space.

Take a look at some of the best suggestions from social media users below:

That last one is a callback to the original interior design post that went viral back in January, if you didn’t know…

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock