Travis Kelce Puts A Drunken Spin On Garth Brooks’ “Friends In Low Places” During Super Bowl Victory Parade

Travis Kelce sings Garth Brooks

Identifying strengths and weaknesses in a relationship is beyond important…and I think that this performance just identified that Taylor Swift should keep the singing career out of this duo.

Kansas City is getting rowdy as the Super Bowl Champions returned home to celebrate their win over the 49ers.

We saw RB Isiah Pacheco carrying around a baby goat as he marched through the streets of downtown Kansas City, Travis Kelce chugging a beer with a shirtless cutout of his brother, and a shirtless Willie Gay Jr. running through the streets shirtless.

Electric energy in Kansas City, to say the least.

To end the parade, the boys took the stage to hype up the crowd even more…and I’m not sure this next part panned out as planned, but boy, does it provide some quality entertainment. A drunken Travis Kelce took the stage to perform his take on “Friends In Low Places,” with a Super Bowl themed spin.

“Blame it all on my roots, 
I showed up and boots
And ruined the 9ers affair…”

Okay, promising start from Kelce.

“The last ones to know
We were the last ones to show
We were the last ones they thought they’d see there…”

Then he fades off once he lands on the line that highlights champagne…which it appears Travis might have had too much of. He then completely loses where he is while reading the lyrics off his phone (that topic is worth its own blog), and Patrick Mahomes jumps in to save his teammate from further embarrassment.

Just like the awards shows do the DJ fired up the track either A) hoping it would get them to stop yelling the lyrics into the mic or B) get them back on track to lead the crowd in a family friendly sing along. Unfortunately for those close to the speakers… Travis Kelce continues on his destructive karaoke path, leading the song. Maybe leave the singing to Taylor next time, Travis. Keep your talents saved for the field.

I think that Travis Kelce definitely fought for his right to party at this moment.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock