Shirtless Fan At WM Phoenix Open Chugs Beer After Blooper-Style Slide Down Muddy Slope

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Oof, man. Can’t decide if the gallery’s energy at the Waste Management Phoenix Open is something I want to freebase into my system or not. On one hand, looks like a lot of fun. On the other hand, damn, when it goes south, these folks get down bad.

Although I’ve admittedly seen worse at this tournament over the years, you gotta feel for this guy. All he’s trying to do is join in on the trend of sliding down a muddy hill, sort of like you would in these months in the more northern, non-Arizona American climates but with a sled in snow. Alas, to say this did not end well for our shirtless fellow.

Unclear if this is by the notorious par-3 16th hole, but wouldn’t be surprised if it was. Firstly, in the still frame preview/thumbnail (?) of this video, we have a spectator with a “Golfhub” hat on in the style of “Pornhub.” Holy sh*t I was about to Google the latter term for proper spelling in front of all the friends I’m visiting. Glad my instincts kicked in and I avoided that. Anywho, that’s par for the course at TPC Scottsdale.

OK back to our dude. No shirt, no f*cks given, and no price too tall for a little bit of love from a gaggle of like-minded people who are just trying to entertain themselves in between shots by professional golfers. Somewhere, Shooter McGavin is probably squirming at this footage and yelling, “DAMN YOU PEOPLE, this is GOLF!”

Pretty good form on the belly slope slide, not gonna lie. It’s when he gets up that we start to have problems. Straight-up Cheeks City, whether everyone wanted any of that or not. Pretty sure no one asked for it, but alack! There it was. The harsh, cold reality of a grown man’s pale buttocks. Good recovery to hike up the britches in swift fashion, though.

Our man prioritized crushing the rest of his brewski beer before bothering to get his wardrobe malfunction in check. You gotta respect it, especially considering the odds are about -675 that he can’t feel his face, nor his caboose.

OK, continuing on with this odyssey of man out in the wild. He acknowledges the cheers, secures his mobile device, aaaaaaaand…oh no. EATS IT going back up the slope. Complete wipe-out. Looked like one of those goofy hurdle attempts that tight ends love to whip out on the gridiron, only to be upended and half-flipped. Pure nature and physics, as opposed to a 200-ish-pound human tackler, were to blame for our cap-shades-pants-shoes-shirtless hero’s fall.

Other than another baby stumble up a less-muddy path, the Unintentional Mooner got out of there relatively intact. That was thrilling to see. Some more mud sliding at the Phoenix Open for your viewing pleasure:

Personal anecdote: My pops and I went to the Memorial Tournament back in the day, and against our will, encountered a severe side slope on one of the holes. The gallery was deep. Pretty sure they were all waiting for Tiger to pull up.

Anyway, my dad’s got a beer, and we inevitably slide down the hill. Straight sideways. My dad didn’t spill an ounce of beer. Crowd went nuts. Aaaand SCENE. Good job, Dad. A pro’s pro…

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock