Bo Jackson Wins $21 Million In Extortion Case Against His Niece And Nephew

Bo Jackson
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The greatest athlete of all-time is about to get PAID, but truthfully, it’s for a very sad reason.

Bo Jackson is one of the most legendary figures in sports history. Not only was he one of the best running backs in the NFL during his career, but he also simultaneously played in the MLB, one of the few athletes to play in both leagues and the only one to be an MLB All Star and NFL Pro Bowler.

His career was tragically cut short due to a horrific hip injury which forced him out of football and limited his abilities on the diamond, and although there’s no shortage of incredible highlights he gave us, Bo remains one of the biggest “what if’s?” in all of sports.

There are very, very few people who don’t speak of Bo in high regard, but unfortunately there are a few and what some of those detractors said lead to a lawsuit that was just settled last Friday.

According to the Marietta Daily Journal, Bo Jackson was awarded $21 million as a judge ruled in his favor on an extortion lawsuit against his niece and nephew, Thomas Lee Anderson and Erica Anderson. He was also awarded a permanent protective order against them, stating they cannot contact him or his immediate family, must stay at least 500 feet away from the Jackson’s and their home, and cannot post about him on social media.

The brother-sister duo had harassed and intimidated Jackson by posting false information on social media since 2022, claiming that he abused his children and compared him to R. Kelly (a convicted child molester in case you somehow missed that whole ordeal).

The online attacks continued for a prolonged period and Thomas Lee even threatened to disrupt Bo’s annual fundraising event called Bo Bike Bama, which raises money for disaster preparedness in his home state of Alabama.

This harassment culminated when the Andersons demanded Bo pay them $20 million to stop the slew of false statements that were severely harming his public reputation, which was the final straw for Bo, who lawyered up and filed a lawsuit against his own niece and nephew which went to trial last month.

Oddly, neither Thomas Lee, Erica, or their lawyer appeared for the trial (bold strategy for sure) and Cobb Superior Court Judge Jason Marbutt decided in Bo’s favor, ruling that the Andersons would pay Bo $20 million in punitive damages, $1 million more for compensatory damages, and around $100,000 to cover legal fees.

It’s horrible when you see families get split up like this. I don’t know the backstory on Bo’s family or if he was even close to the Andersons, but weird things happen when someone close to you has a lot of money and this is just the latest of many examples where family members feel left out and go to drastic measures to get some money.

I seriously doubt Bo will ever really see that amount of cash paid to him, but it just goes to show that you can’t just make things up and bully someone so you don’t have to work ever again.

I think I’ll be rewatching the 30 For 30 on Bo this weekend now. If you haven’t seen it, I beg to you give it a whirl; whether you know all about him or are unfamiliar, it’s going to blow you away.

Here’s a quick compilation of some of his greatest moments. Man, if he didn’t get hurt who knows what he would have done. Hall of Fame in both sports was certainly within reach…

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