“Growing Up Is A B*tch” – Toby Keith’s Wise Words On Aging

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Toby Keith

Say it louder for the people in the back.

Looking back on the legacy of Toby Keith has me in the trenches of his TikTok videos. Keith’s charismatic party personality led to him writing and singing songs that united us all. From his patriotic anthems like “American Ride” and “Courtesy Of The Red, White, And Blue” to his serious singles like “My List,” “Wish I Didn’t Know Now,” and “Don’t Let The Old Man In.”

Toby Keith had a song in his catalog to match any occasion or mood. Keith also speaks the truth in many of his tracks, including his 2021 ditty, “Growing Up Is A B*tch.” Found on Peso In My Pocket, the song embodies the feeling of wanting to stay young and not letting time tell you to change your ways, but sadly, when your body says you can’t do as much stupid sh*t as you once were able to.

“And your doctor said last time he came aroundAll that tequila boy, I’m surprised you haven’t drownedBetter listen to your doctor and your wifeYou might mess around and save your life…”

The chorus takes the listener back through the mind of living in your younger years and all the things he wishes he could go back and do. And I don’t blame him. This list embodies the phase of life when you were old enough to have fun but had no real responsibilities yet… sums up the college years.

“I wanna stay out late, I wanna play all night
I wanna rock and roll ’til I get it right
I wanna drink my booze, get down in that ditch
I wanna chase that girl, scratch my itch
Gettin’ older ain’t as bad as they say
Growin’ up is a bitch
Yeah, growin’ up is a bitch.”

A year after the song was released, Keith still felt the words he sang deeply, reiterating his longing to be young again in a 2022 TikTok. Sitting on his tour bus with his signature red solo cup in hand, he reminded his fans that growing up isn’t what it’s cracked up to be.

“Hey, in case no one’s told you…growing up is a b*tch.”

@tobykeithofficial Pass it on. #TobyKeith #CountryMusic #GrowingUp #CountrySong #ArtistsofTikTok ♬ Growing Up Is A Bitch – Toby Keith

Holding my solo cup high today in honor of the world’s best fun uncle passing.

Growing up is a damn b*tch because you have to see the ones you idolize leave the Earth. Turn this one all the way up in honor of Toby Keith.

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