The Internet Is Drooling Over Slow-Motion Grammy Red Carpet Video Of Zach Bryan

Zach Bryan country music
E! Entertainment

E! Entertainment has made quite the stamp on the red carpet with its rollout of the “Glambot,” a slow-motion camera that highlights the stars walking the carpet at every major awards show.

While most of the time, the video footage from the camera shows women dramatically throwing their ballgowns into the wind for the ultimate main-character energy video, last night at the 66th Grammy Awards, Zach Bryan was the man that everyone was fawning over after his “Glambot” video was posted.

The first-time Grammy Award winner looked dashing on the red carpet in an all-black tuxedo. Leading up the carpet, Bryan and his girlfriend, Bri LaPaglia (better known as Brianna Chickenfry), made jokes about “heading down to the local Walmart” as they both took to the carpet for the first time.

Bryan stepped up to pose for the camera. With his tattooed hand peeking out of his jacket sleeve, he gave the camera his best blue steel smolder. While I must admit that Bryan looks dapper in the video, the internet is going buck wild for the country music artist’s look, sending fans into a thirsty spiral.

“Pookie is looking QUINTESSENTIAL.”


“What a handsome kid.”


“Pookie is looking dapper in all black.”

“Screaming right now.”

“I am giggling, kicking my feet, crying.”

“Bri, oh my gosh, you are blessed.”

“I’m so in love.”

“Boss baby.”


The comments go on and on about how in love they are with Bryan and this look. When I thought the internet couldn’t love Zach Byan more, I guess that post-Grammy win glow is really doing something for him.

Check it out.

@e_entertainment we only smile like that when we see @Zach Bryan 😊 #grammys #livefrome #awardseason ♬ original sound – Goldenfilmz🎞🌼

In honor of the track that won him his first Grammy, blast “I Remember Everything” today.

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