Lainey Wilson Puts A Country Twist On “I’m Just Ken” At Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Gala

Lainey Wilson country music
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A Barbie moment, indeed.

Lainey Wilson took the stage at the annual Clive Davis pre-Grammy gala, which was star-studded (per the usual) and included guests like Cher, Mariah Carey, Meryl Streep, Serena Williams, Shania Twain, Jon Bon Jovi and many more.

The Louisiana native performed “I’m Just Ken” alongside the song’s writers Mark Ronson and Andrew Wyatt, and originally, Clive Davis was hoping to have Ryan Gosling there to sing too, as he played Ken in the Barbie movie last year.

Lainey certainly put her own twist on the song, telling the audience she knows they could tell she wasn’t from around there due to her Louisiana twang, but it was an honor to be invited to perform by Clive himself.

She explained that she got a call about filling in for Gosling while on a flight to L.A. on Tuesday of last week, and of course, she couldn’t turn the opportunity down:

@audacy This is how @Lainey Wilson + Mark Ronson ended up collabing on stage for “I’m Just Ken” 💕 #GRAMMYs ♬ original sound – Audacy

Here’s part of her performance:

@billboard More than #Kenough 👏 @Lainey Wilson performed “I’m Just Ken” with #MarkRonson & #AndrewWyatt at the Clive Davis Pre-#Grammys Gala. #livemusic #laineywilson #ryangosling #barbie #barbiethealbum ♬ original sound – billboard

Lainey shared photos of her outfit from the evening, calling it “a Barbie moment,” and I have to agree… she looks stunning and this was my favorite look of hers from all of Grammy week:

Lainey was also a big winner at the Grammy Awards last night, taking home the trophy for Best Country album for her 2023 Bell Bottom County record.

“I’m Just Ken”

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